"In A World Full Of Apps Not Everyone Want's, We Created One Everyone Needs!™"



Electricity via the Airwaves!

Our patented process where one no longer has to worry or be concerned about a dead cell phone battery, dead laptop battery, Etc. Subscribers, will fundamentally download the App, register with our company, to include agreeing to the terms and conditions, establish a username and a password, select either one amp, for cell phones or two amps for laptops, iPhones, iPads, etc. and finally select the charging time, i.e. ten minutes, twenty minutes, one hour, etc., and your dead cell phone and other apparatuses power problems, will no longer be an issue.

No matter where one may be, at home, on a train, in your car or at the beach, cell phone users will no longer have to worry about a dead battery for their cell phones, laptops, iPads, tablets etc. We have solved this problem; when they select to download our groundbreaking App, register, agree to the terms of our service to include the monthly $20.00 fee, with no annual contracts, and they will be well on their way to, 

never have to worry about dead batteries again.