Our development team is made up of top-notch talent that is focused on innovation, creativity, and user-focused design and interaction. Working over the past five years developing a one of a kind new app that charges cellphones, iPads, tablets, laptops etc.

Airwaved Electricity reviews

We offer unique patented mobile app designed specifically to allow you to charge your device via convenient wifi signals worldwide. No need for charging cords, chargers etc.

"In A World Full Of Apps Not Everyone Want's, We Created One Everyone Needs!™"


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"This nifty app changed the way I run my business. Now, instead of spending stressful times dealing with dead cellphones or devices that have drained batteries or batteries that are about to go dead, I can access a charge from my mobile phone! directly via wifi electricity signal simply by using this amazing new app. Airwaved Electricity is amazing"

- D Taylor 


"The team at Masters Energy Inc. are definitely focused on my needs as a chargable device owner. Quick access to an emergency charge is crucial."

- C Shabazz

"This app is an absolute must have for any individual, business or emergency services personnel."

- L Royal